Friday, January 8, 2010


Thank you so much everyone for your encouragement and support. I was overwhelmed by all the emails yesterday expressing support and excitement. This is just what I need to fuel me on this mission so keep it coming!

A few more details about the challenge: The end date is June 15th, so I have about 5 months to achieve a total body transformation. I will have to submit before and after pictures as well as an essay describing how this experience and transformation has affected my life. The winners will be announced in August at an event in California.

I started Day 1 with a cleanse day and running. Today I am in my normal routine of 2 shakes and a regular meal plus snacks. My major focus at this point is weight training and quality protein. I get a sufficient amount of carbohydrates in my shakes to fuel workouts and my daily energy requirements so I will be cutting back on complex carbohydrates. My meals will mostly be a lean protein (chicken, fish or egg whites) and vegetables. I snack on IsaDelights, Isagenix snacks, raw veggies or raw nuts.

The initial fear is being replaced by excitement and determination. Thanks again for being part of this experience with me. Let's go!

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