Saturday, January 9, 2010

5 Habits

I need an action plan in place to ensure that I stay true to my goal everyday. Success is about the little things that you do with unwavering consistence and persistence. So here are 5 habits that I am committed to on a daily basis. These are foundational and if I stay true to these, I am setting myself up for success.

1. Time with God - this is where I get my inner strength, my motivation and my focus. I want my success to be a result of His glory shining through me.

2. 1 Hour Minimum at the Gym - This has been the area where I need help. If I could afford a trainer it would definitely be easier. I am actually going to check out a segment in Oxygen magazine with the possibility of following a Ms Figure training plan. My friend Serenity is following it and it may be the solution I need right now. This is ironic that I am writing this because I am a trainer and am training other contestants for the Isabody Challenge. The fact is that having someone else push you beyond your limits is invaluable. The accountability and knowing that someone is waiting at the gym for you is also so helpful. But, I will prevail. No excuses. I will get it done!

3. Follow Isagenix Program - Thankfully I am really in the zone with using all the Isagenix products. This is a blessing because nutrition is typically the hardest part for competitors.

4. 100 oz Water - I am going to have to track my water intake just to make sure I am getting enough. Drinking lots of water helps reduce cravings and appetite, aids in cleansing and is a major factor in releasing fat (among many other things).

5. Weigh Myself Daily - This is an odd habit on my list, but I find that the scale is a form of accountability and feedback. I have a tendency to resist the scale out of fear, so another reason to be consistent for me is to conquer that fear and separate my emotions from the number. Wow, those words carry a lot of weight (excuse the pun). I literally find myself pausing as I stare back at them. It is amazing that this little box that we stand on can have such a hold over some of us.

So there they are. My 5 habits of success. I need your support and accountability. I absolutely need to stick to these EVERY DAY for the next 5 months!

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